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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Noah's Arc

On this Ash Wednesday, here's a biblical drawing of Noah's Arc. In order to get all the detail, it was done on a large 30" x 42" Strathmore illustration board using a .00 Koh-i-nor rapidograph ink pen. I drew it for a Childrens' Book Illustration course at UC Berkeley. Go Bears!!!


tatiana dutra e mello said...

hi, vern,
what a beautiful piece--congratulations, your work is amazing. it was nice meeting you and the other ccgdp members. keep in touch!

tatiana dutra e mello said...

hi again, vern,
here is my brazilian friend's web site (the one who also used to work for the brazilian MAD magazine): . his name is tiburcio.

it would be great if you guys could exchange some ideas...he is very competent...i have just sent him the link to your blog...
hope all is well, talk to you soon...tatiana

Alina Chau said...

Love your drawings!! THey are GREAT!

Kyle said...

This one has great attention to detail. Well done.