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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Illustration Friday: Peace

Here's something I drew for the 50th birthday celebration for the United Nations. It was held in San Francisco, the organization's birthplace. This poster was displayed for a three month period in San Francisco subway trains.

Happy holidays everyone! This Sunday, I'm off for a little vacation to my home state of Florida. I'll see you all after the beginning of the new year! 2007! :)

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Illustration Friday: Help

Here's my painting for this week's word "help". I painted a vacationing fat cat from the view of a panhandler. I tried to play around with foreshortening a bit with the hand extending from the tourist's body to the tin cup with the cityscape in the background. To add a little intrigue, I show the back of the sign so that the viewer can use his/her imagination as to what it says.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

SFG: Pirate

"Hey, you looking at me Kid."
Here's a SFG sketch with parchment paper digitally added to match the look of an old pirates map. Check out the age spots, smudges, ink drops and coffee cup stains. These were done with some Photoshop brushes that I downloaded from the web.

Sketchbook: Laughing Man

I've been enjoying MTV's "Rob and Big" lately and have been admiring Rob's artwork in his home. It's inspired me to draw this. I wanted to play up a sketch that I drew in my sketchbook and combine it with digital coloring to match the same energy. Here's a good hearty laugh to compensate for the sad one I drew earlier. :)

Illustration Friday: Might

Everyone knows the feeling. I bought a deck of cards this weekend that had miniature post-impressionist paintings printed onto them. They inspired me to create this painting with my style of drawing. It just makes the good times seem all that much better.

Have a good week everyone.