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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Illustration Friday: Worry

Here's my contrib for this week's word "Worry".
For those of you that need a refresher, here's the rhyme:

Three blind mice,
Three blind mice
See how they run,
See how they run!

They all ran after
The farmer's wife
She cut off their tails
With a carving knife
Did you ever see
Such a sight in your life
As three blind mice?

S' long everyone. See you next week.


Connie said...

Wonderful, wonderful; possibly my favourite mice of all time! Love the lines.

Paul H said...

I love it! Funny. :)

atomicvelvetsigh said...

LOl this is so funny! i luv the concept too

Rrramone said...

Darn those farmers' wives! :-)

Anonymous said...

Vern: still trying to send you a message via your blogsite...someday it will happen.

Anonymous said...

I did it!