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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Illustration Friday: Help

Here's my painting for this week's word "help". I painted a vacationing fat cat from the view of a panhandler. I tried to play around with foreshortening a bit with the hand extending from the tourist's body to the tin cup with the cityscape in the background. To add a little intrigue, I show the back of the sign so that the viewer can use his/her imagination as to what it says.


Stacia said...

Remarkable perspective...I like that chubby hand dropping in the coins. The hand's owner looks so far away - really shows the distance between the two worlds.

Anonymous said...

Excellent foreshortening! I submitted a panhandler cartoon to the New Yorker rejected, of course!

Michelle Lana said...

Great idea, vern! nice work!

steve said...

Excellent work and originality here! Maybe the sign simply says "HELP"!