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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Illustration Friday: Phobia

My drawings have grown too predictable lately. I wanted to experiment this time by getting back that spontaneity that my artwork has been lacking. I was inspired by vegetarians and what they must be thinking when they see carnivores gorging down a slab of meat.

I painted it in color but it turned out way too gory then expected. The meat just turned out a beat red and it wasn't funny anymore, just gross! So I desaturized the color a tad in Photoshop and got the effect and humor I was looking for. Enjoy. Doesn't it just want you to go out and slam down a big juicy 10-ounce? Yummy. Mmmm Mmmm Good!


Michelle Lana said...

funny..great work!

garth said...

Ack! Makes me want to go vegitarian.

Great sketch!

Don Kilpatrick said...

Love this one!! You have got a great line quality that is so expressive! Did you do this with that Pelikan 120? Nice.

Gerald said...

That's a good one Vern....I worked with some vegans too and they once told me that if they smell meat, they get nauseous.

HARDWAX said...

Really funny and your artwork is full of energy, and pass me the carrots please. Fun and sharp piece of work!

Frizz said...

Great technique. I love the loose line work. I think you achieved your goal!!